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Easy, Remote & Accurate Mask Fitting

Finding the right mask remains a hurdle to an excellent experience for patients using Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) for sleep apnea. We noticed that most patients needed to make multiple visits to their medical equipment provider for mask exchanges. Unused masks are a huge cost to the mask manufacturer, medical equipment provider, and to the patient. In addition there is a massive environmental cost to poorly fitting masks going to landfills.


Q: What is SleepGlad?
SleepGlad is a cloud-based CPAP mask fitting and initial CPAP management platform for medical equipment providers. SleepGlad makes it easy to get patients started on CPAP therapy remotely, without an in-person visit.
Q: How does it work?
SleepGlad sends a secure, automatic text message link to each new patient. The patient clicks the link, answers a short questionnaire, and takes a single "selfie" photo of their face. SleepGlad's machine learning algorithm automatically recommends a type and size of CPAP mask to send to the patient along with their CPAP machine. When their machine arrives, the patient receives follow-up educational material to help with their first week of CPAP therapy.
Q: Which masks does SleepGlad support?
SleepGlad currently supports ResMed, Philips, and Fisher & Paykel masks.
Q. Can I choose which masks to dispense?
SleepGlad allows you to pick and choose from over 20 available options to build a custom formulary of available masks for your patients. When multiple masks are appropriate, you can even adjust brand preferences to balance mask recommendations among multiple suppliers.
Q. What does SleepGlad do with the patient’s selfie photo?
The patient's photo is deleted immediately after their mask recommendation is generated.
Q. Can SleepGlad help my patient with their first night of CPAP therapy?
SleepGlad optionally sends each patient follow-up messaging including CPAP machine unboxing and help videos, timed to arrive before the first night of therapy. You can customize this material with your own training videos or educational material.
Q. How do you recommend I use SleepGlad?
We recommend this workflow. Call the patient, and while they are on the call, send them an invite. A patient is most likely to use the service if they are asked to perform the mask fit while the tech has them on the call. Conclude the call with a plan to ship out the recommended mask and machine.
Q. How do I deploy SleepGlad at my business?
Give us a call to set up your account, and personalize your page and patient messaging with your branding. Most providers are able to deploy SleepGlad within a week.

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